Car Accidents

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Picture of rear-end car accidentThe consequences of a car accident can leave you with financial stress, physical injuries and mental trauma. It is difficult to put a number on the damages you suffer from an accident, and yet, insurance companies are quick to come up with their own estimates. That is why it is crucial to work with a trusted Seattle car accident lawyer. Your lawyer can advocate on your behalf, evaluate your possible damages, and help you get the payout you deserve.

At Herschensohn Law PLLC, we can advise you on what steps to take after a crash, negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies, or even take your case to trial if necessary. We have a proven record of success helping accident victims and their families recover the compensation they need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you after an accident.

What to Do After a Car Crash

In the moments immediately following an accident, it is hard to know what you should do next. However, what you do during this time matters. Your words and actions could cause you to accept liability for the accident, decline care you need or otherwise damage your case. After an accident, you should:

  • Seek medical attention. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, and you may not even realize you’re hurt due to the adrenaline spike that often occurs after a crash. Get checked out by medical professionals right away.
  • Do not apologize or otherwise admit fault. Even if you’re not sure who’s at fault for the accident, do not apologize. Apologies or other statements of fault can be used against you by the other driver.
  • Limit contact with the other person’s insurance. If the other party is responsible, their insurance company will likely push you to accept a settlement early. This may be far less than what you deserve.
  • Consult an attorney. Reach out to a Seattle car accident attorney immediately. They can handle communication with insurance companies and begin building your case.

Possible Damages in a Seattle Car Accident Claim

Our personal injury team works hard to recover the costs of your claim, including any non-economic damages. Depending on the specific facts of your case and your injuries, you may be able to claim damages related to:

  • Medical bills, including ambulance bills and future medical care
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Lost income for time you spent getting treatment and recovering
  • Lost future wages if your injuries permanently limit your ability to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental health treatment if you now suffer mental or emotional trauma as a result of the crash

Should You Work With the Insurance Companies By Yourself?

Working with the insurance companies may seem like a viable option but doing so can significantly lower the settlement you receive. The other party’s insurance company, though they may seem concerned about your injuries and vehicle, is not on your side. Insurance companies use computer driven adjusting strategies to push purposefully low offers to claimants. Their goal is to convince you to accept the lowest, “low ball” settlement possible, have you sign away your right to sue and move on to the next accident claim.

When you work with our Seattle car accident lawyer, you can feel confident knowing that your attorney’s top priority is getting you the money you deserve.

Turn to a Seattle Car Accident Attorney at Herschensohn Law PLLC for Help

When you’re healing from injuries and dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you should not have to worry about dealing with insurance companies, handling a growing stack of medical bills and juggling other expenses due to time away from work. That is where we come in.

Working with a Seattle car accident attorney allows you to focus on recuperation. Get the support and representation you deserve by calling Herschensohn Law PLLC at (206) 588-4344. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis. This means that you do not owe us attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation.