Wrongful Death

Picture of man next to tombstone

The tragic and devastating loss of a family member due to wrongful death can be overwhelming. Before agreeing to talk with the insurance company, consult an expert wrongful death attorney.

Are you a family member of someone who has been fatally injured due to another person’s negligent behavior? The loss of a loved one through someone else’s negligence is tragic, devastating, and overwhelming. Know that you are entitled to fair compensation for fatal injuries that other people cause. Wrongful death accidents happen for a number of reasons, but some examples include motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, and child injuries.

When someone has suffered a wrongful death as a result of negligent behavior, the victim’s surviving family members have a legal right to recover damages against the negligent person or other entity that caused their family member’s death. Family members have a right to recover medical bills and expenses, lost wages and loss of future earnings, money for pain and suffering, and funeral expenses.

Our Seattle wrongful death attorney can help you recover lost income and the cost of care and any other expenses you may have had following the loss of your loved one. We urge you to consider talking to an attorney before talking with an insurance company. Do not assume that insurance companies have your best interests at heart. We highly recommend that you do not agree to discuss the circumstances of your beloved one’s death with a representative of an insurance company, as this can greatly affect the outcome of your settlement, especially when you prematurely agree to terms. Herschensohn Law PLLC has the knowledge and experience that will make sure you are fairly treated by everyone concerned, including former employers, the employers’ insurance company, and the courts.

During this difficult time, we provide the necessary guidance to help you recover and cope. When you are in need of a wrongful death attorney, trust that Herschensohn Law PLLC’s strong defense of client rights will be coupled with an unmatched kindness for people who have suffered the loss of loved ones through wrongful death. Our competent, compassionate team will assess the value of your case, the likelihood of success before a jury, and the monetary value of your case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation in one of our offices in West Seattle, Tacoma, Kenmore, and Kent.