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Picture of child with broken arm

Children are full of life and play, which can make them more susceptible to accidents. If your child has been injured, be sure to consult with an expert child injury attorney before waiving your rights.

Has your child been injured in any sort of accident, such as on a playground, at day care, on a school bus, in a swimming pool, by an animal, or on a bicycle?

Children, some of our most vulnerable citizens, are full of life and play. As a result, they tend to be less fearful, and, in turn, more predisposed to accidents. Some causes of accidents, however, are due to the negligence of others, and could have been prevented. As a result, responsible parties must be held accountable through legal action.

Herschensohn Law PLLC will aggressively seek compensation for families in child injury cases. We have the empathy, understanding, and legal expertise to handle child injury cases, caused in a variety of environments and under an array of circumstances.


Parents entrust day care workers with their most valuable assets: their children. Accidents are bound to happen in any environment, but if an accident could have been prevented—such as falling objects; accessible chemicals or medications; unsanitary conditions; children left unsupervised; or unsafe walkways, doorways, or lots at a day care center—the center owner or its employees might be negligent and liable for damages.


Children are susceptible to a plethora of injuries on a playground—whether at school, in a park, or at day care—including fractures, internal injuries, and even death. If your child was injured on a playground, there might have been dangerous pre-existing conditions on the grounds, lack of proper supervision, or some other cause.


Although school bus transportation is deemed very safe for our littlest residents, thousands of preventable accidents occur every year. As a result, children might be susceptible to school bus crashes, injuries sustained while entering or exiting the bus, negligent bus drivers who stop or turn suddenly while kids are jostled around the bus, or those who allow children to run or roughhouse on the vehicle.


Picture of child jumping into swimming poolSwimming pools represent oodles of fun on the positive side … but ever-present danger on the negative side.

At public or private swimming pools, children especially are highly at risk for drowning—including non-fatal drowning, which involves the deprivation of oxygen—slip and fall injuries; diving accidents; suction, drain, or ladder injuries; or negligent supervision.


Pets can provide years of love and joy to families with children. Dogs that are neglected or not properly trained, however, could expose a person to serious injury or even death. Children are especially vulnerable to dog bites due to their potentially louder and more unpredictable behavior toward an animal as well as due to their smaller size.


Bicycling, a favorite pastime of children, can be dangerous when negligent parties are involved, whether the negligence was caused by another bicyclist, a motor vehicle driver, or a dangerous bicycle path.

At Herschensohn Law PLLC, we have extensive knowledge, experience, and legal expertise in handling child injury and wrongful death cases. We will work to obtain the compensation, past and future medical expenses, and medical care that you and your family deserve. Contact us for a free case evaluation so that we can determine how we can best serve you and your family.