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Were You Hurt While Walking or Trying to Cross the Street?

Let Kent pedestrian accident lawyer Zach Herschensohn help you

You should be able to take a walk or cross the street without having to worry about a reckless driver injuring you in a car accident, but if you were hurt due to the negligent actions of someone else, Kent pedestrian accident lawyer Zach Herschensohn can protect your rights. Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC has recovered millions in settlements and verdicts for injury victims throughout the Seattle metro area and understands how to win tough cases involving vehicles vs. pedestrians. Get maximum compensation and watch what an experienced Kent pedestrian accident attorney can do for you. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Getting hit by a car while you’re taking a walk or trying to legally cross the street can be shocking and upsetting – but if you were injured because a driver wasn’t being safe and responsible, it can only aggravate the situation further. Through no fault of your own, you’re injured, in pain, and out of work. Your bills are starting to pile up and you’re struggling to get by week to week. On top of everything else, the insurance company is questioning the severity of your injuries and badgering you to accept an unrealistic settlement offer. You feel backed into a corner, and you’re ready to just give in.

Don’t let them get the better of you. Pedestrian accident lawyer Zach Herschensohn is a tough negotiator who won’t settle for compensation that’s less than what you deserve. On the flip side, he’s also a qualified and capable trial attorney who will fight for you in court if the insurance company refuses to cooperate.

What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents?

A car vs. pedestrian accident can happen for many different reasons, but in a lot of cases, the negligent actions of a driver are often the cause. Some of the most common causes of car vs. pedestrian accidents include:

  • Texting while driving: Texting and driving is illegal in Washington state, but that doesn’t stop some drivers from doing it anyway. Someone who is looking at their phone to read or send a text may not notice or be able to react in time to a pedestrian crossing the street or walking on the side of the road.
  • Distracted driving: While texting and driving is a form of distracted driving, other distractions, like eating, drinking, adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, programming a GPS or personal grooming, can pull a driver’s focus off the road and leave them open to causing an accident with a pedestrian.
  • Speeding: Drivers who are going too fast are at risk of hitting someone walking alongside the road or trying to cross the street because the driver doesn’t have enough time to react. Drivers who go over the speed limit can also lose control of their vehicle, veer off the road, and hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk.
  • Impaired or drunk driving: The dangers of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana have been well-documented, yet many drivers still throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. Impaired or drunk drivers’ basic motor skills have been negatively impacted and their reaction time slowed, making them more at risk of causing an accident with a pedestrian.
  • Reckless driving: Drivers who go through stop signs, run red lights, don’t stop at crosswalks, and don’t yield to pedestrians when making a turn are in danger of causing a pedestrian accident that results in serious injury.
  • Parking lot accidents: Whether you’re coming or going, if you’re walking through a parking lot, you’re at risk of having a driver hit you. Drivers who are backing up, pulling into parking spaces, driving through the parking lot or opening their doors can all cause severe injury if they strike a pedestrian.

What to do if you’re hit by a car

If you get hit by a car while you’re walking or trying to cross the street, try to remain calm. Once you’ve got your bearings, you should:

  • Call an ambulance. You can never be too careful when it comes to your health, and if you’ve been involved in a car vs. pedestrian accident, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered some kind of injury, even if you don’t realize it at the time. Let an EMT check you out and go to the hospital for treatment, if necessary. You should also see a doctor or some kind of other medical professional within 24 hours of your accident. You could have sustained an injury without any noticeable symptoms and not know it. It’s also important to schedule and attend follow-up appointments with your doctor in a timely manner.
  • Call the police. Let the dispatcher know you were hit by a car and where you’re located. When police arrive to investigate your accident, make sure you ask the responding officer how you can obtain a copy of the official accident report. This will be a valuable piece of evidence when you decide to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver.
  • Exchange information: Be sure to get the driver’s full name, address, license number, license plate number, and insurance information. If possible, take a picture of the driver’s license and license plate to help make things easier on yourself.
  • Take pictures: Memories can fade, and stories can change – that’s why it’s critical that you document the crash scene and your injuries through photos and/or video. Be certain to show damage to the car, any relevant stop signs or traffic signals, tire marks, crosswalk signs, any property damage, and your visible physical injuries.
  • Interview witnesses: If anyone witnessed your accident, make sure the police talk to them before either leaves the scene of the collision. Take down their full name, address, and phone number. Witness testimony can be a strong piece of evidence and a deciding factor in your case.
  • Contact a lawyer: You’ll want to speak with an experienced Kent pedestrian accident lawyer soon after your crash to ensure your rights are being protected. Attorney Zach Herschensohn knows what evidence to look for to build a strong case on your behalf so that you can get maximum compensation.
  • Call your insurance company: Contact your insurance company to let them know you were injured in a pedestrian accident. Do not give a recorded statement and try not to answer any questions. Let your insurance company know you’ve hired a lawyer to represent you and direct any questions to your attorney.

In the event the driver flees the scene of your pedestrian accident in a hit-and-run, you’ll want to give police as much information as possible about the driver and their vehicle. While it makes recovering compensation more difficult if the driver isn’t located by police, you still have rights, and an experienced Kent pedestrian accident attorney can help protect those rights.

Do yourself a favor and hire Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC

If you get hit by a car while you’re taking a walk or crossing the street, it’s critical that you get someone in your corner to advocate for your best interests and fight for your needs. Picture yourself taking a settlement offer from the insurance company and learning the hard way that it doesn’t even come close to covering all your accident-related expenses. Or even worse, imagine if the insurance company tries to say you did something wrong to cause the collision and offers you nothing at all in financial compensation.

Don’t gamble on your future. Kent pedestrian accident attorney Zach Herschensohn knows the games insurance company play – and he isn’t scared to go toe-to-toe with them in settlement negotiations or the courtroom because he’s a skilled negotiator and versatile trial attorney. Get the compensation you’re entitled to. Don’t forget, we’ll represent you on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless we win. Learn how Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC can help you. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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