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Buckle up: Traffic fatalities from not wearing seat belts are on the rise

Even though fewer drivers were on the road last year, the number of car accident fatalities nationwide involving people not wearing their seat belts skyrocketed during 2020, according to recently released statistics. Meanwhile, the numbers show fatalities involving unrestrained crash victims in Washington State continue to be a problem as well. Last year’s spike in...

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Drivers who use alcohol, weed take more risks

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a leading factor in many fatal car accidents in Washington State — and the situation hasn’t been helped by recreational marijuana legalization, according to a new study. In fact, DUI crashes now account for almost half of all traffic fatalities in the state. A recent...

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Can I sue if I was a passenger in a car accident?

After a bad car accident, a lot of focus is put on the drivers involved, but passengers in the crash have rights and responsibilities too. About a third of all people involved in crashes are passengers, federal crash data shows. In Washington state, passengers injured in car, truck, or motorcycle collisions can sue or file...

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What to expect from your personal injury claim

If you sustained an injury due to someone else's negligence, you're likely looking for answers. Don't expect to get anywhere with the at-fault party's insurance company. They will put their own interests ahead of your needs. The at-fault party responsible for causing your injury will likely try to change the story and cover their tracks....

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What you should do after being hit in a roadside crash

There are far too many drivers who aren't aware of Washington's Move Over law. Motorists stranded on the side of the road, law enforcement officers making traffic stops, and roadside workers risk their lives each day on Washington highways. Many freeways in Washington have posted speed limits as high as 70 mph (some drivers exceed...

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Zoom trial: $150K settlement for retired nurse

When people are injured due to the negligence of another, they have the right to take legal action to seek financial compensation through the courts. This process can take years under the best of circumstances, but the pandemic has led to even further delays. “Because of COVID-19, the court system has taken measures that have...

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How do I know if I need surgery after a crash?

If you sustained a severe injury in a car accident, it will likely not heal on its own. Finding out that you need surgery may be the last thing you want to hear. That could mean a significant amount of time away from work or engaging in activities you enjoy. To make matters worse, you're hit...

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