Commercial buses and shuttles are a common sight in Seattle. These vehicles are not only typically packed full of people, they are some of the largest vehicles on our roadways.

Even small collisions involving these large vehicles are capable of inflicting catastrophic injuries among survivors that will alter the course of their lives. In other cases, family members can lose loved ones.

Both outcomes, while tragic, can affect survivors and their family members for years to come. Take spinal cord injuries for instance, which can easily result in lifetime costs in the millions of dollars. Let’s be honest – most people simply cannot afford the costs associated with serious injuries or even the loss of a loved one. Medical care isn’t cheap, and home medical equipment, home nursing services and rehabilitation programs are also unaffordable for most.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Bus Accident in Seattle?

In cases that involve serious injuries or death, insurance companies may try to reduce the value of a claim or deny it outright. With serious injuries, it may be difficult to reach a settlement with the insurance company that adequately covers your damages.

Fighting against the insurance company to reach a settlement or challenge bad faith tactics under state law can be a difficult prospect for most people, especially those grieving after the loss of a loved one or who are recovering from a major injury.

You have the option of hiring an attorney who can investigate your claim, protect crucial evidence, negotiate a settlement or even file a lawsuit and take your case to trial if it becomes necessary.

An attorney can help you with the following after a bus accident:

  • Gathering digital evidence, such as video footage taken by surveillance cameras or bystanders.
  • Talking to witnesses and gathering information about the accident.
  • Working with medical experts to show the severity of your injuries, which can increase the value of a potential settlement or verdict.
  • Working with accident reconstruction specialists to show how the crash occurred, which may improve the validity of your claim.
  • Gathering and reviewing police reports about the accident.
  • Helping you negotiate with the insurance companies involved.
  • Protecting evidence that is crucial to your claim by preventing it from being altered or destroyed.
  • Arguing your case before a judge and jury to obtain a verdict on your behalf.

All of the factors listed above may factor into a bus accident case. Remember, many bus operators are working for large companies or public entities that have access to considerable financial and legal resources. Taking them on by yourself would be a very difficult prospect.

If your attorney can obtain a successful settlement or verdict, then it can help cover medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, funeral costs, lost income, loss of future earning capacity and costs associated with pain and suffering.

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