Maritime Attorney in Seattle

A ship at sea near Seattle.If you have been injured while working on a boat and your employer is not meeting their obligations, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation. For an experienced Seattle maritime attorney to handle your case, trust the team at Herschensohn Law PLLC. We have extensive knowledge of the Jones Act, which protects workers at sea when preventable conditions or an unsafe vessel injures them. The law gives you the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, short and long-term disability.

One of the Jones Act’s most important provisions addresses injuries that happen at sea by giving injured seamen the right to sue their employer. In addition to the provisions of the Jones Act that protect seamen from ship owner negligence, seamen are also protected by age-old maritime traditions known as “Seaman’s Benefits.”

Maintenance and Cure provide a small living stipend and medical care for workers injured on any ship operating between American ports or waters. Unearned Wages are due if an individual is under a contract. If a worker is injured on the first day of the season or trip, vessel owners must pay wages due to the last day of the contract. Injured fishermen, customarily paid by earning a percentage of the catch, are entitled to their crew-share for the season during which they are hurt.

To learn more about how a Seattle Maritime attorney can help you recover compensation for your injuries at sea, contact Herschensohn Law PLLC and start discussing your case.