Defective Products

Injuries can result from poorly manufactured equipment, flaws in design or even neglect. Recent experience with automobile accelerators is a good example where a manufacturer hid a problem from its customers, causing death and injury that could have been avoided.

Design flaws occur in a wide variety of consumer products. The manufacturers of strollers, cribs, pajamas and even guns have all experienced recalls. In many instances, manufacturers respond quickly to repair or replace dangerous components. In others, they just conceal their problems until forced to respond by aggressive attorneys such as Zach Herschensohn.

Do not meet with an insurance company representative without talking to a lawyer  first!

Herschensohn Law pllc has seen the results of malicious neglect by companies that manufactured and distributed asbestos laden products. Even though manufacturers knew in the 1930's that asbestos caused lung disease and death, the product was not banned until the 1970's. Countless workers have suffered and died of asbestos poisoning that resulted from the negligence of the people who made, distributed or purchased the product all the while knowing of its dangers.

Herschensohn Law pllc has the knowledge and experience to make sure that injured people and in many instances their survivors are compensated for their suffering and loss. No one should have to suffer needlessly as the result of someone else's neglect. It doesn't matter that the negligent party was not aware of a defect. It simply matters that they let it happened and in many cases did not fix, replace or suppress the product once they knew about its problems. The firm's strong defense of client rights is coupled with an unmatched kindness for people who have suffered injuries resulting from carelessness, neglectfulness or plain irresponsibility.

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